Visual examination

Our services include comprehensive professional visual examinations which cover all aspects of your visual system, in the context of your lifestyle. We also do cost free drivers’ licence screenings. Glaucoma testing is standard with every visual examination.
Contact lens fitting

Contact lenses form a large part of our practice and we keep up to date with the latest contact lens technology. Our customers are encouraged to try new developments in the contact lens field and we regularly do free supervised trials of new contact lenses.
Visual therapy

Some vision problems cannot be solved by prescribing glasses or contact lenses. When basic visual skills such as eye focusing, eye coordination, eye movements or visual perception are problematic, improved visual function and comfort can only be obtained through visual therapy.
Children’s vision

During the school years, good vision is essential for a child’s ability to read and learn. Any visual problems need to be detected and treated before it leads to a learning and/or behavioural problem. Children should have a professional visual examination before they enter Grade 1, therafter every second year.